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Second wave: Deleted scene. :iconsae-von:sae-von 0 0
Mature content
As the Dark Times fade: Deleted scenes 1-5. :iconsae-von:sae-von 0 0
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Second wave: Deleted scene.

After locking the door to his room, Dash turned to Alison and removed his ammo suspenders and belt, while she removed her combat knife and jacket, and both take their gloves off. Once the items are on the floor, they throw themselves at each other and he moves his mouth across her neck and it's base while she throws his beret off.
"Ohh, that feels great...keep going, Dash, Keep going." She tells him breathlessly, then gasps and flinches as she feels one of his hands reach below her belt line, which it was denied once before.

"Trying that again, you perv?" She asked with closed eyes.

"Not this...time, right, Alison?" Dash asks in a husky voice inbetween kisses.

"No...sir." She cooed, then let out a moan as he squeezed and groped her smooth posterior flesh with his calloused hands. The sounds cause both to continue moving their hands over each other, increasing the passion until the two stumble on his bed. After the impact makes them let go out of reflex, she looks down at it and crossed her legs, then glanced back to him before smirking and removing her shirt.

"That's better, was starting to get sweaty; you?" She asks, and sees his eyes wandering between her old scars. "They don't bother you, do they?"

"Not at all, they're just another part of how beautiful you are." He tells her. "Besides." He adds, then removes his shirt. "You're not alone in that department, lady."

Lady-Jaye puts a hand to her mouth as she sees a ranger tattoo on his right shoulder, and a few faint slashes, two bullet holes, and a stab mark on his torso. "All from 'Nam?" She asks him.

"Everything but the slash on my left arm, that's just from a guy who robbed me in '72." He explained, then stepped forward and puts his arms around her as she did the same and leaned back for round two.

As they roll around, Dash reaches for her bra clasp while their lips lock, and tongues dance. "Your good at...this." He says.

"Perks...of" She tells him; he asks what that meant, and she explains how she spent four takes kissing another man for a jewelry commercial she did once. Then she feels a slight chill as the third last piece of her clothing is removed, freeing her breasts. "How are they?" She asks as she places her left arm over them.

"Let's find out." He tells her as he removed the arm, then grabbed one and tested it in his hand.

"Uhh, oh, that's..." She says softly as she flinches and moans as he kneads her mounds like dough.

"Seems it's just the right size." He says, with a smirk, then let go and ran his tongue across her cleavage and blew on it with his hot breath, and repeated after getting exactly the sound he was hoping for.

"Ohh, Dash; I...I'm ready." She said in a pleading tone, and he knows the foreplay is over.

"You got it, baby." He replied and both of them start to remove their lower coverings. Dash looks at her body, well toned muscles on her arms from months of javelin throwing, her torso, and her legs from every P.T. session, march, on/off-duty exercise, and battle with and without him at her side.

Once they are fully undressed, she sees what he has to "offer" her. "Looks like your arms aren't the only part of you that's big." She says as she marvels at his length. She starts to back up on the bed as he joins her on it on his hands and knees and lowers himself into position.
"Shall i?" Dash asks her, and she nods.

"Yes. Take me, Dash, a 'toirt orm leatsa, agus thoir fh in dhomh*." She tells him as she awaits his entry.

"Then, here we go." He says as he slipped his member into her slot, tearing down the wall between her and true adulthood, and waited for her channel to adjust before thrusting back and forth.

"Uhh, oh~yes, Dashi~ell, oh~yes!" She says as she tightened her grip on his body. "Oh go~od, it's so, ahh, so big, s~o hot. Uhh, harder! Fuck me hard~er!" She shrieks as he goes for her neck again.

"Alison, your so~warm inside, and slick. Oh, uhh." He tells her as the two stoke each others fire.

"That's, uhh, all your doing, ge~tting me all wet. Oh god!" She says, and lets out a shout as she feel him spill his seed into her.

After a few moments to catch their breath, he pulled himself out and they roll onto their backs.
"That...was indescribable." She says as her chest rose and fell.

"Same here. I may have a way with words, but i got nothing." He says, then stopped and hit the mattress. "Damn it, Dash!"

She sits up. "What's wrong?" She asks him.

"I was so preoccupied, i, uh, didn’t put that on." He replied.

"...Oh shit, you mean?" She asked, with dread in her voice.

"It may be 50/50, but..." He starts.

"it's 100% trouble; son of a bitch. Duke is going to kill us if he finds out. What'll we do?" She asks.

"I don't know; yet, but we'll think of something. We have to." He says, then lays back down and rubs his face with both hands.

*Make me yours, and give yourself to me.
Second wave: Deleted scene.
The second revision of this story. For mature readers only.

Still wondering if it should be strict, will be considered moderate until informed to change it.

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                                                                  As the Dark Times fade: Deleted Scenes.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to the Star Wars franchise.

Warning: will have one R-Rated scene.

Scene 1.

After Carlin fainted, Ralth got himself up and limped over to Jraan. "Must have hit my head a bit too hard, cause i think i just saw Carlin lift the ship without touching it."

"No, it was real alright. Just like the old days." Ralth told him as he helped him up.

While the two were heading over to Carlin and Rhiss, a group of Rebel soldiers came in, one turned to the right. "Get a med-capsule, Galen."

"Stang, what a carbon flush this must have been...Sir, we got a live one under these plastic boys." Another says as he pointed to Lt. Ulgant, who groaned as one rebel pulled one dead stormtrooper off of him.

"Cas-Carlin...Carlin, wake up, ple~ase!" Rhiss said as she patted his face.

"Ma'am, i'm going to place him in this med-capsule, we'll take care of him, i promise." Another Rebel says as Ralth and Jraan limp over.

"You heard him, Rhiss. Might as well trust him, not much choice right now." Ralth told her, Rhiss turned and latched onto him and sobbed.

Scene 2. The next day at the palace, Ralth and Jraan were in Viceroy Organa's throne room.

"-And that's what happened, Viceroy." Ralth said to him.

"I see. What to you intend to do now?" Bail Organa asked them.

"Jraan and i have agreed to leave Carlin here in your care since he still hasn't woken up yet, not sure how Rhiss will take it, but it likely won't end well, best bring another of those capsules with us."
Ralth replied.

"This lady of your's must be of the rough sort, just like my Leia." Viceroy Organa told them and chuckled a bit, then continued. "The least we can do is repair your freighter, Mr. Ghireh."

Ralth and Jraan turned around to consider the offer, then faced him. "We can accept that as long as you only assist."

"As you wish." The Viceroy replied.

Scene 3.

Two days after leaving Alderaan, the Drifting Dream arrived at a Baobab fleet station for time off. The trio took a turbolift to Jraan's home on residential level 6.

"We're back Sesni, and with a guest." Jraan announced, and they watch as a female Duros walked into view and hugged him.

"Welcome back handsome, you too Jraan." Sesni replied, then laughed.

"Kids not back from school?" Jraan asked his wife.

"Yes, Yerfo got called to the office again, while-" Sesni started until noticing Rhiss, who gave a smaller smile.

"...This our guest, Jraan?"

"My name's Rhiss, ma'am." She answered emotionessly, and watched as Mrs. Iblon looked her up and down before motioning to a room.

The pair walked in, leaving Jraan and Ralth as they decide not to follow.

"Want to talk about it, Miss?" She asked Rhiss, after the two sit down.

"I just went through a break-up a couple of days ago; with a very complicated man, Mrs. Iblon."

Scene 4.

15 hours later, Rhiss was in the apartment she paid for down the hall and finished a meal when she went to the bedroom and locked it.

She undressed and threw herself on the bed, then proceeded to run her left hand over her breast and squeezed while she stuck two fingers on her right in her mouth.

"Ohh. Not so rough. Ahhh." She gasped as she sent her wet fingers down between her legs. "Down there, too? You think this will make up for what you put us through?!"

She glided them over her slot and flinched at the sensation shooting through her, then slowly inserted them. "Uhhh, uhhh; maybe your right, Cas-Car...whoever you are, you...Ahhh!"
She rolled to her right and left as her left hand's fingers sank into her mound, causing her to arch her head back.

Scene 5.

At Yavin IV, Carlin was wandering around when he decided to sit down next to a brown haired man with Captain's markings. "Evening there, sir."

The man looked up to him. "Same here, Pvt. You new here?"

"I am, just landed a day ago after an...incident on Alderaan." Carlin told him.

"Same here, had to, uh, leave a man behind on Kafrene, he was too injured." The Captain said.
As the Dark Times fade: Deleted scenes 1-5.
A side story of some of my work on under pen-name Skymaster23.


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